Welcome in Gdańsk!

Tour this picturesque and unique city with our battery-powered buggies 'melex' equipped with an audio system with language version of the tour as well as foil covers protecting you against wind and rain. Within a short time you will see the most beautiful, magical and extraordinary nooks and cranies of Gdansk. You won't regret, so check it out.

- The Old Town and its beautiful architecture

- Charming historical streets

- „The Royal Way” tourist route

During the tour you will be able to listen to the history of Gdańsk monuments in a language version you select. While sightseeing we stop at scenic point so that you would be able to take photographs. There is also a possibility to prepare individual sightseeing tour, we are at your disposal 7 days a week until late evening hours. We arrange tours for individual tourists as well as organized groups.


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